We Educate and Save Lives

Sadly, by the time that an ‘unwitting’ citizen has been so horrifically abused by these technologies and systems they have been wrongfully label by our society; as the abuse of human life in such manors as documented in the ‘DOD Joint Targeting of Individuals and Groups’, or by the DOD Directive 5240.1-r – All U.S. Persons and Others can be used for Human Experimentation; these victim (targets) have become marginalized members of their communities and society in these United States.

Marginalized and abused by such U.S. Patents as; Remote Brain experimentation, Remote Neural Monitoring of an entire Humans Body; manipulated by such evil technologies as Patented Voice-to- (Human)-Skull (the forceful 24/7 of projected noise to a citizen’s head) even to Remote Burns by high powered lasers, or burns by Directed Energy and more. All released Patents by our country, and for what? The approved testing and evaluation on ALL U.S. PERSONS for pleasure. Citizens are now also reporting remote use of these technologies to RAPE MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN. With documented proof or an array of intelligent citizens of our country, we all have come together to attempt to stop these harms as even our children are not exempt from the FOREGIN or DOMESTIC corporations and Our funds and programs are used to alleviate and help those suffering and or to carry out research and lobbying activities to influence government policy on various Human Rights issues and when possible to help members financially through their crisis when possible.Many of these technologies abuses we as a ‘Peaceful Non-Violent’ organization have come together to educate our country on have been approved for decades by small groups of Senators and others in our government. What those in charge of our countries safety had not realized that every Appropriations Budget and Bill contains development, testing and evaluation. Development, testing and evaluations that labeled cities, states and regions of these United States of America and are cataloged in the Library of Congress for your viewing.

These dangers of granting contracts to Foreign and Domestic corporation’s agencies, pharmaceutical companies, scientist and even researchers labeled as ‘government contractors’ have brought forth the development, testing and evaluation of these ‘reckless’ and ‘severe harms’ that are affecting EVERY LIVING THING here in the United States and abroad. From the testing and the spraying of chemicals as a mass disposal into our air, of dangerous chemicals that have proven to affect our weather, asthma attacks in humans and even damaging our drinking water. The damage by Ariel Spraying that continues daily across all states, and ‘does not fall with any individual’s name on them?’ The spraying of chemicals including Nano-sensors from drones that no one has questioned in our night skies includes the mass release of nanotechnologies where the sensor payloads are defined in four categories; GPS (to light the human body when attached painfully to your skin), to IR (Infrared to light the human body, property or other living thing), to Chemical (injection of choice), to Biological (again, injection of choice including induced heart attacks, strokes, aneurysm, blood disease, and rear cancers), and yes as documented in the age-old DOD Joint Targeting of Individuals and Groups (law-abiding). As intelligent citizens of this country, we all know that such evil actions against an entire country, WITH NO ONE BEING EXEMPT from these harms is bizarre, crazy, unbelievable, so we ask that you read the document for yourself. Who would write such a document to state that ‘even they the writers’ are not exempt, who. Yet this document continues to be passed to agency to agency, corporation to corporation, first responder to first responder, as we could go on, as we all are becoming sicker and sicker, with even Welcome to FFCHS Our Mission Targeting of Law-Abiding Citizens Research Library Joining FFCHS Weekly Conference Calls more rare diseases and no one says a word.

This is the Objective of FFCHS, to educate our citizens, our cities, our country that these documented harms must be stopped before more than 6.8 million now reported increases to the estimated 318 million citizens. There is no need for weaponized drones (uav/uas) flying over our homes land injuring innocent citizens for pleasure and theft or our privacy, they are not hoovering over for our security with armed directed high power laser weapons that can destroy an entire home with on shot. Or weaponized weapons that can, just for the fun of it, stop a vehicle engine and result in a multi-vehicle accident even death, and no one hold these groups Senators, government officials and the citizens of this country of the harmful technologies that have been approved for development, testing and evaluation in our air, drinking water, fields and foods, and on humans without our consent must end now. Just by stating within these documents that the HHS Health and Human Service to responsible for the overseeing of non-consensual human subjects has not proven one thing, only that such a statement should not have exist ‘overseeing of non-consensual human subjects’, are we kidding here? Who is responsible for writing those words, Russia, China, who? If no one, not even our First Responders, President, Soldiers or children are exempt for these harms? To educate our country on such DOD directives (not laws) as 5240.1-r – Procedure 13 ‘Human Experimentation on all U.S. Persons and Others on U.S. soil’, and other document available from the U.S. ACLU American Civil Liberties Union Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) are also inked to this website and also on www.GMNKen.com. These documents ‘in their own words; depicts the cruelty of unauthorized, yet true inhumane testing being conducted daily on the citizens of this country. These documents goes as far as to state that not even its own employees, those who conduct this testing and development, surveillance of communities and more are NOT exempt from these harms. Directives, not laws that have existed for decades with no oversight, hearings or justification, yet can affect the health of our President to infants playing in our back yards. These are serious concerns and a major objective, mission and plight for our organization.


Our Objectives for our Members and our Country

  • Bring public awareness to the issue of non-consensual human experimentation, as outlined in the Department of Defense Directive 5240.1-r ‘specifically’ Procedure 13 stating all U.S. and non-U.S. citizens in America can be used for human experimentation. Bring a lawsuit in Federal Court, with everyone named as a Plaintiff who submits a proper Affidavit, to end this government and non-government funded, rogue, human experimentation.
  • Bring awareness that there are good, hard-working people in government who oppose this program, and shine a light on those who use this program for personal revenge and retaliation.
  • Bring awareness that Sheriff Departments across the Country using the ‘Memorandum of
    understanding’ signed by Janet Reno dated April 1994 and the Secretary of Defense John Deutch to share military surplus weapons with the National Sheriffs Association, now in the hands of Local Police and First Responders, and Fusion centers all recently recalled by President Obama yet they remain in use. The airport received the mico-processors with weaponized systems, then also given to law enforcement agencies across the Country, and are using this technology on the U.S. population.
  • Bring awareness that researchers are partnering with academia, corporations, unions, small business owners and citizen groups to carry out the multi-jurisdictional organized harassment and destruction of a person’s life in the name of “human experimentation”, or greed with blood money (as stated by Pope Francis to our Congress in October 2015).
  • Bring awareness that these torture programs are against everything the United States stands for, as our own President and past and present Directors of government agencies have said, “The United States does not torture.”
  • Have offices located throughout the United States where members and the public can come for more information regarding these civil and human rights crimes against the public, our country. Make those responsible accountable for these horrific civil rights and human rights abuses against their fellow Americans, Innocent law-abiding ‘Human Beings’ who are suffering in silence, NOW HAVE A VOICE.