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Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance is a Non-Profit 501C-3 organization with its membership based in the United States of America. Free. Serving members in the U.S. and providing education on harmful technologies to millions around the world.

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“FFCHS” Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance is a Non-Profit 501C-3 organization with its membership based in the United States of America. Serving members in the U.S. and providing education on harmful technologies to millions around the world.

Our organization was established in 2007 in the State of Ohio. As of January 2016, our organization has taken on new leadership and a ‘results-driven’ President and Board of Directors. Historically, FFCHS has had over 10,000 members worldwide. Our objective is to improve our service to countries Legislators, and to our members through education, advocacy, and push for relief of the suffrage of many of our members with effective legislation to protect human life. The Human and Civil Rights as established by our fore-fathers in our government, for this country and for the world.

The ‘new’ President and Board of Directors of FFCHS, with a vision to be revitalized and re-establish our organization to support our country and the many citizens who are being victimized and abused by technologies that are destroying our society as stated by Pope Francis in October 2015 to Congress. The ‘quiet’ yet violent attacks that law abiding citizens have 'attempted', and continue to report to our government and have for decades, now has successfully affected 6.8 million citizens of this country. That means 1 in 50 now suffer in silence as documented on this website and within our research and also by the CDC *Center for Disease. In bringing this education to our citizens, and government that the approval of Foreign and Domestic contractors developing, testing and evaluating technologies such as nanotechnologies; Nano-sensors (now on weaponized drones) that are only designed to attach to 'living beings; resulting in 6.8 million citizens now reporting a chronic ‘catch all disease’ called fibromyalgia, amongst many others must be addressed.

The Pope’s Message to Congress and Its Relation to such Chronic Disease as Fibromyalgia and Sciatica (now with 6.8 MILLION citizens targeted)

Article updates below, also the connection to the new Executive Order authorizing ‘Behavioral Science (Experiments) on the American People’ by President Obama.  The link to the Executive Order and Fox New article is at the bottom of this page.

On Thursday September 24th, 2015 Pope Francis spoke in Congress for the first time. Within his speech he spoke of the climate change, and injustices against citizens of this country, and around the world. It was very surprising to hear the Pope address such critical issues directly to Congress, into the faces of many of those who have authorized these abuses against their own citizens (for greed, as stated by the Pope) for decades against and against ‘individuals’ and our ‘society’ as a whole. Individually would be explained as those who are knowledgeable of their abuses by government funded technologies and the damage, pain and permanent scaring that they endure 24/7, the ‘society’ as they are defined in the DOD Directive 5240.1-r Procedure 13 Human Experimentation on ALL U.S. Persons for Intelligence Purposes, the ‘unwitting’ (unknowledgeable) and 'witting' (those made aware of their Torment) of the reasoning of their disabling chronic pains as described below now being reported in 1 of 50 citizens of this country; nor the knowledge of our ‘first responders’, community groups, and other ‘so-called’ surveillance groups that endure spraying on their bodies by chemical sprays also known as ‘chem-trails’ nearly on a daily basis. NO ONE IS EXEMPT.

The portion of the speech that I am referring to is as follows:

Quote: ‘Here, (in the U.S.) I ask why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflect untold suffering on INDIVIDUALS and SOCIETY. Sadly, the answer is for money. Money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood in the face of the shameful and corporable silence, it is our duty to confront this problem and stop this armed stride.’

What a powerful portion of Pope Francis speech as the members of Congress stood and applauded, as the camera within Congress was placed on two military leaders sitting in the front row near the Supreme Court Justices, neither applauded and the faces of those military leaders told their story.

What was also interesting was the use of the word ‘corporable’ which is defined as ‘of the human body’, ‘human suffering’, ‘corporal punishment’, as many citizens are suffering 24/7 from the results of the unethical torture, testing the GPS tracking of their bodies, (that is being conducted non-consensually on their bodies) and through the walls of their homes, today by a host of war technologies, corporations and government agencies.  It is also interesting that now the CDC and other medical agencies are reporting that 1 in 50 Americans are now reporting the chronic pains of the results of this testing?  With 98 percent being women victims.

We are also here to support those in our Senate who continue to support the protection of Human Rights of our citizens, Rights to be free of these harms and for our country to abide by the laws set forth to protect all citizens. Citizens that are to be free from harms resulting from the unethical development, testing and evaluation on human lives; men, women and even our children, of government funded technologies designed for wars must be addressed.  What you will read here are hidden directives that have allowed for these harms and more on ALL U.S. PERSONS, AND OTHERS on UNITED STATES soil.

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Members, friends and the community of Human Rights organizations are saying they are excited and proud of FFCHS’s ‘new direction’. A new direction to educate its members, our legislators and our country on the truth about the unsafe development, testing, and evaluation of many technologies that have been designed for decades for wars. Technologies that have been, and continue to be tested on humans, in our waters, over our skies and even our fields. The educating of our society of millions of unwitting citizens who’s lives and health that have been affected can now understand the truth as we all seek for Legislative changes in human rights protections.